English yoga class

English yoga class

lun., 25 octobre 2021
18h00 – 19h30

English yoga class from the London Sivananda yoga Center

entrer dans la salle

Meeting ID: 812 3120 8426

Passcode: QS726R

How it works:

  • The transmission works for all Apple, Android or Windows devices. It is best to use a device with a camera, so that the teacher can see your asana projected on a large screen in the asana hall.
  • You will be guided step by step through the free download of the Zoom software.
  • After that Zoom will connect you to the yoga hall
  • Position your device's camera in such a way that your asana mat is visible slightly from above and such that you can still be seen while standing.
  • At the end of the class you will have the opportunity to speak with the teacher

We look forward to seeing you for the next yoga class.






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